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The David Mellor Design Museum

David Mellor is one of the best known 20th century British designers. The new museum shows the full historic collection of his work and that of his son, Corin Mellor, extending from marvellous examples of Mellor's handmade silver to the traffic lights we stop at every day.

David Mellor is internationally famous for his cutlery design, from the 1950s to the present. The museum shows exactly why he is so often referred to as 'the cutlery king'. This wide-ranging exhibition is an eye-opener for anybody with an interest in design.

More examples of David Mellor's influential key designs can be viewed as part of a timeline under Who we are

Silver bowl for Cutlers' Company, 1973
Abacus chair Street furniture display

From top, the Design Museum
at Hathersage. Tubular steel chair, 1975. Street furniture display.
Left, Silver bowl for Cutlers' Company, 1973


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